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Space sex sucks


Anyone who grew up with fantasies of "doing it" with Orion slave-girls in zero-G will be disappointed to know that sex without gravity is likely to be beset with difficulties and would have to be carefully choreographed to avoid the most humilating 'awkward fumblings'. The potential effects of weightlessness on the male member is simply horrifying.



you just gotta bone up on your penis control and do your Kegels so even in the weightless environment you will be the master in command of your member


Either that or time to start practicing Iron Penis Kung Fu. Though, somehow I just can't picture me trying to tow a truck with my junk.
And the potential for sweat and other bodily fluids to, um, get in the way

AHAHAHA. Try not to float into the wet spot, please....rofl.
Ewwww... you would have to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the goo. LOL