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House party details

Ok, so I have rented a truck for this Saturday and have been boxing up my stuff this week so that it will be easy to transport. So here is the itinerary.

Saturday 29th July

Arlington, VA
10.00am - start loading the truck

Gaithersburg, MD
2.00pm - unload the truck

As soon as we are all unloaded we'll start partying! I'd like to have two shifts so that nobody has to help both with loading AND unloading. Just let me know if and when you can make it to help out. THANK YOU!!



I'll help with loading

Hey Nyk, I'll help on the Arlington end of things. See you Saturday! -Ginger
I'm not sure if I'll be at the loading or unloading, but I'll show up at some point. I have to talk to my mom about when we're going to finish cleaning the apartment.

Btw, when they were taking Bagel's stuff we forgot to pack up the "contraband" like shot glasses and random paraphernalia (no actual substances). You want it?