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So I finally made it through the move back to G'burg. Thanks to my awesome friends who came out to help! I had planned to feed everyone by cooking burgers on the charcoal grill that I had bought, but had not had time to assemble. As it turned out you needed an engineering degree just to assemble the damn thing, which Shane almost managed to accomplish except for the small matter of one of the key parts not being machined properly. Plan B was to order some food for delivery. That might have worked if I we could have found a place that was still open after 10.30pm! Finally Ginger came to our rescue and brought us a bucket of KFC chicken and sides all the way up from Arlington. Good grief! Thanks GinGin.

Although G'burg is somewhat in the boonies (though nothing like being in WV) it does have a 24hr Dennies; now that would have been useful information for me to have recalled. I am enjoying the semi-rural environment however. Last night as I was taking Odin for a walk out back I came face-to-face with a couple of deer: a stag and his doe. They looked at me for a second and then scampered off into the woods. That made me feel happier about being out here.

The house needs a lot of work doing to it, but it's comfortable and I have a lot of space to work with, which I like. I am going to make the large finished basement into a training area for Kali Silat and JKD training. It is going to be ok living up here, though the gas prices are making the 5 days a week commute quite pricey! I will have to try and persuade my company to let me telecommute a couple of days a week; at the very least let me do one day. I tried that before but PMs never respected my telecommute day and would always commit me to client meetings; making it a lost cause. Sigh.


No shit.. you're in the Village... I'm close to you. :-p

Weeeell shit the bed! You should swing by some time. You have my number right?


Why did you move there anyway. Just curious.

I own the house already and my ex was moving out around the same time my own lease was up, so I decided to move in while I fix the place up ready to sell. Having said that, I might just keep the place since I'm really not as far from the city and nightlife as I make out :-)
I had decided to take a quick nap before getting ready to meet up with you guys at the Dead Fishhead's and woke up at 11.00pm! I'm either getting old or burning the candle at both ends and in the middle.

Yeah, well... like I AM in the area now :-)
The truth is that although I am an adult, I have never been a grown-up.
BTW - I've been meaning to ask. What gives with your Blog?! It just disappeared, did you make a new one?