Five Years Later...

I can't help think of the alleged 'ancient Chinese curse' cited by J.F. Kennedy, "May you live in interesting times!" We indeed live in interesting and horrific times. September 11, 2001 will perhaps stand as the seminal historical moment of my life. The world certainly changed it's aspect to me on that day. I will never forget driving into work down George Washington Parkway and seeing a plume of thick black smoke issuing from the Pentagon and mobilized military personnel with assault rifles covering Washington National Airport. My first thought was that there had been a military coup, it was terrifying. I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was "America is under attack!". Hearing those words was like being smacked in the face. I remember being completely disorientated; I simply could not conceive that this country could be under attack!

I will NEVER forget that morning, or hearing that first one tower of the WTC had collapsed and then the other. Seeing the devastation of the Pentagon burning, that only minutes before had received a direct hit from a weaponized commercial aircraft was something I could never have imagined I would ever experience. To be that close to such brutal and callous sacrifice of human life continues to bother me; even after five years. The horror of it is still very fresh. So fresh that I still can't bring myself to watch the TV footage of the attack, and the idea of watching a motion picture such as 'United 93' or 'World Trade Center' seems repugnant to me. How could anyone who lost family and friends in the attacks watch either of those films? It is far too soon for this to be made into a Hollywood story.

The prospect of the world entering a new Dark Age does not seem quite such the alarmist fantasy as it once did.

LA Trip, Fish and Chips & Sir Henry Meblinkinrawlinsunshine!

I got my flight and hotel reservations booked for my trip to LA next month, just need to sort out the car rental situation. The main purpose of the trip is to attend the three day intensive annual Pentjak Silat Serak training camp with Victor De Thouars. I'm a remote student of Pak Vic, in the instructor training program and it's a requirement for me to travel to the Pusat (headquarters) in LA at least once every 12 months, and so this will be both an opportunity to meet other students and instructors from around the country/world as well as a great training event. Collapse )


So I finally made it through the move back to G'burg. Thanks to my awesome friends who came out to help! I had planned to feed everyone by cooking burgers on the charcoal grill that I had bought, but had not had time to assemble. As it turned out you needed an engineering degree just to assemble the damn thing, which Shane almost managed to accomplish except for the small matter of one of the key parts not being machined properly. Plan B was to order some food for delivery. That might have worked if I we could have found a place that was still open after 10.30pm! Finally Ginger came to our rescue and brought us a bucket of KFC chicken and sides all the way up from Arlington. Good grief! Thanks GinGin.

Although G'burg is somewhat in the boonies (though nothing like being in WV) it does have a 24hr Dennies; now that would have been useful information for me to have recalled. I am enjoying the semi-rural environment however. Last night as I was taking Odin for a walk out back I came face-to-face with a couple of deer: a stag and his doe. They looked at me for a second and then scampered off into the woods. That made me feel happier about being out here.

The house needs a lot of work doing to it, but it's comfortable and I have a lot of space to work with, which I like. I am going to make the large finished basement into a training area for Kali Silat and JKD training. It is going to be ok living up here, though the gas prices are making the 5 days a week commute quite pricey! I will have to try and persuade my company to let me telecommute a couple of days a week; at the very least let me do one day. I tried that before but PMs never respected my telecommute day and would always commit me to client meetings; making it a lost cause. Sigh.
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Miserere mei, deus

I am the Lover who has sinned against Love.
Eros is a mighty and vengeful god.
I am struck down and yield
before the bitterest curse of Man:

to love and be denied love's embrace

I have doubted you... mea culpa,
I have scorned you... mea culpa,
I have reviled you... mea culpa,
I have defiled you... mea culpa,
I have ravished you... mea culpa,
I have tricked you... mea culpa,
I have shamed you... mea culpa,
I have feigned you... mea culpa,

mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa.

Now, my heart is rent in twain,
like the veils of a fallen temple.
I have sinned against Love and
Love is not mocked.

Is there is no mercy;
no final appeal?
Who would defend
a self-condemned man?
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House party details

Ok, so I have rented a truck for this Saturday and have been boxing up my stuff this week so that it will be easy to transport. So here is the itinerary.

Saturday 29th July

Arlington, VA
10.00am - start loading the truck

Gaithersburg, MD
2.00pm - unload the truck

As soon as we are all unloaded we'll start partying! I'd like to have two shifts so that nobody has to help both with loading AND unloading. Just let me know if and when you can make it to help out. THANK YOU!!

Space sex sucks


Anyone who grew up with fantasies of "doing it" with Orion slave-girls in zero-G will be disappointed to know that sex without gravity is likely to be beset with difficulties and would have to be carefully choreographed to avoid the most humilating 'awkward fumblings'. The potential effects of weightlessness on the male member is simply horrifying.
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Freaks on Friday video

Last night I started viewing the raw footage that I took at the "Come as you Were" party. I had never seen any of this before! It was a very emotional experience because there were some really awesome Bagel moments, including him 'persuading' Sean to snort pixy sticks! I need to do some editing, but I am happy that I managed to capture some film of Bagel at play. I am not willing for this time of my life to be over - I'm afraid that I'm going to have to dig my heels in on this one.